Pet Transport Sydney

Pet transport made easy with Just Pet Travel

Whether you’re moving to another part of Australia, taking a break in another city or are a registered breeder, we understand that transporting pets can be a lot of hard work. Our goal at Just Pet Travel is to make things easier for you with a no-nonsense pet transport service targeted at all customers in Sydney and beyond.

Whether it’s a dog, cat or any other pet, Just Pet Travel offers a decade of experience in pet transportation, giving you peace of mind and a quality customer experience. We’ll help you get your pet from Sydney to anywhere in Australia with minimal fuss.

Why choose Just Pet Travel?

With over ten years of experience in the field, Just Pet Travel is one of the most reliable pet transport services servicing Sydney. With a long list of satisfied clients and high-quality transport vehicles, we can ensure that your pet arrives safe and sound at your destination.

  • Our vehicles are temperature-controlled to provide maximum comfort for your pet
  • Your pet will have proper bedding instead of newspapers and straw that other transport companies use
  • Your pet will rest on a high-quality vet bed that is comfortable, soft and absorbent
  • Our drivers make regular stops to ensure that your pet is comfortable and relaxed
  • During our stops, we make sure that your dog can stretch their legs and go for a walk. We also make sure that all of our passengers have plenty of fresh water and clean crates and bedding to ensure maximum comfort and good hygiene
  • All of our drivers are pet owners too, meaning they understand how stressful this time can be for you and treat your pets like their own throughout the journey
  • We limit our vehicles to a maximum of 10 pets per trip to ensure they’re not crowded
  • We offer discounts to Defence Force members and registered breeders

Our team at Just Pet Travel love animals and we are all pet owners as well. This gives us the experience and compassion needed to offer an outstanding level of service for your pet transport needs.

Why we prefer road transportation

Just Pet Travel currently only offers road transportation. While it might take longer, we believe that it’s the best option for your pet, even when you’re transporting them across long distances.

This is because the current pandemic makes domestic air travel unreliable. In addition, transporting your pet by air can agitate them, especially for certain breeds of dogs and cats and those that suffer anxiety. During flight pets are stored in a specific cargo area and are unattended for the duration of the trip.

On the contrary, transporting your pet on the road means our drivers can stop and pull over if there’s any problem, and the smoother journey makes them less anxious. We also make the experience more comfortable for your pet, giving them plenty of space and breaks to stretch their legs and have pats and cuddles.

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So if you’re in Sydney and are looking for a pet transportation company, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for a quote