Pet Transport Melbourne

Make pet transport easy with Just Pet Travel

Looking to move interstate? Want to travel with your pet? We make things easy by providing a simple and stress free pet transport service to all customers and their pets in Melbourne.

Whether you’re transporting your dog, cat or any other pet, Just Pet Travel provides a comfortable service to give you peace of mind. We’ll help you get your pet to and from Melbourne to your destination with minimal fuss.

Why choose Just Pet Travel?

Just Pet Travel has over a decade of experience in pet transportation and relocation. We’ve built a happy list of clients that trust us with the safety and wellbeing of their pets. We understand that our clients want the best for their pets, which is why we go the extra mile when delivering our services to you. 

  • We’ll pick up or drop off your pet directly to your residence in Melbourne
  • We transport your pet in temperature-controlled vans to provide maximum comfort
  • Your pet will rest on a high-quality vet bed material that is soft and highly absorbent
  • Our drivers stop along the way to check on your pet and let dogs stretch their legs
  • We also regularly clean your furbabies crate and bedding and ensure they have plenty of water during the trip
  • Our drivers are pet owners themselves and will provide a loving and personalised service
  • We also offer discounts to Defence Force members and registered breeders
  • We don’t overcrowd pets into our vehicles. We only allow a maximum of 10 animals per trip to ensure we provide your pet with adequate care

As pet owners ourselves, we take pride in caring for your furbabies the same way we care about our own pets and that’s our promise to you.

Why we prefer road transportation

Just Pet Travel is focused on providing high-quality dog and cat transportation services, hence why we currently only offer road transportation. Domestic air travel for pets in the current pandemic is unreliable, and there are also health risks and concerns for certain breeds to be aware of.

While air travel for pets may be faster in some instances, we don’t believe that it has your pet’s best interests in mind. Our drivers can stop and tend to your pet, take care of their needs and ensure their wellbeing when they’re in our custom-designed vans. This isn’t possible with air travel because the pets are locked in a special cargo area for the duration of the flight and remain in cages during transit at the airport.

Contact us today

So if you’re in the Melbourne area and need assistance transporting your pet, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information. We’re capable of transporting pets across Melbourne, to other cities or even across the various regions of Australia. Melbourne Metro same day Pet Taxi service is also available. Simply phone us today for more information and we’d be happy to assist you.