What animals do you transport?qode interactive strata
Currently, we are equipped to transport cats and dogs of all breeds, reptiles and birds.

How old does my pet need to be to travel and do they need certain vaccinations?
Pets must be at least 8 weeks of age to travel. We strongly recommend that pets are fully vaccinated as per the advice of your veterinarian, however, it is not a requirement of travel.

If for any reason travel is delayed, and boarding is required, full vaccination against certain diseases is mandatory at most kennels and catteries. By choosing not to vaccinate your pet adequately before travel or otherwise, you put your pet at greater risk.

To help you best protect your pet from disease, we can also provide a service to remind you when your pet’s vaccinations are due to expire — based on the information you provide us.

How big are the individual crates?
Crate sizes are based on IATA guidelines. It is important that you provide us with accurate measurements and the weight of your pet to ensure that we allocate the correct crate size for your pet’s journey. Your pet needs to be able to sit, stand and turn around in the crate for maximum comfort. We recommend that brachycephalic breeds are placed in a crate that is one size larger than IATA guidelines to ensure maximum airflow. Because pet welfare is our number one priority, if the information you provide is incorrect, we reserve the right to deny travel on the day or charge an additional fee for switching your pet’s crate to the correct size.

What food and drink will my pet be provided with on their travels?
We will always ensure that your pet has fresh water that is regularly topped up in their crate along the way. We don’t provide food to animals under the age of 12 weeks as it can upset their tummies. For puppies and kittens, we will follow directions provided by individual breeders as we understand that correct blood sugar levels are important for our baby passengers on longer journeys.
We also recommend that you don’t feed your pet the morning of travel. A nice meal the evening before travel will be fine!

How many rest stops do you provide?
Our interstate trips will have approximately three stops along the way to check in on all of our fur passengers, top-up water, and provide dogs with the opportunity to stretch their legs. During this time our team will also take the opportunity to send you some pics of your fur friend (for those who are travelling business class).

What if my pet has special needs, requirements or health concerns?a
Not a problem! Simply detail your pet’s condition and their needs in the initial ‘request a quote’ form. We will then be able to assess suitable solutions or work with you more closely to assist your pet with the safest travel. For high-risk breeds we may take additional safety measures including a larger crate size, selecting certain routes with additional rest stops or delaying travel during extreme weather conditions.

I have an aggressive dog. Can they still travel with you?
Please inform us if your pet has behavioural or temperament issues. For the safety of our other pet passengers and our drivers, we have strict measures on providing a safe environment for our travellers. Please don’t be offended if we refuse travel.

I have a snub-nosed pet, is it safe for them to travel long hours?
For brachycephalic breeds, travelling long distances requires a bit of extra care. For this reason, our vehicles are fully air-conditioned and monitored for your pet’s optimal health and wellbeing. Your pet’s passenger seat (IATA approved crate) is also equipped with its own water and food supply to avoid dehydration.

Can you sedate our pets for travel?
Due to the increased risks associated with sedating animals for travel, we will not be able to sedate your animal upon request. We also will not be able to accept any animal on board should we have reason to believe they have been sedated in a time that crosses over with their planned trip.

My pet gets anxious, which makes me concerned about letting them travel.
We totally understand what it feels like to see your special pal unsettled. Our service is especially helpful for these types of pets. Unique in the way that we can work more closely with you to tailor the service to your needs, we have no issue providing recommendations on how we will prepare your pet for travel. With a limited number of seats, your pet will have a few social companions for the ride.

How long does my travel quote last and what are the conditions?
Quotations are valid for 30 days based on the information provided by the customer. If any details are incorrect and result in an increase, this will be the liability of the customer to pay in full before travel.
Any costs incurred by the requests of a customer, that are not specified or are in addition to the original quotation, will be the responsibility of the customer and must be paid in full prior to travel.

I’m running late! How strict are the collection and delivery times?qode interactive strata
If you are meeting us at one of our designated collection points, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are on time. Just Pet Travel is unable to delay our schedule for an unreasonable amount of time. Any costs acquired as a result, will be your responsibility. If you are unable to collect or drop off your pet at the collection point by the agreed time, we reserve the right to cancel the booking as a no-show. No refunds will be provided in this instance.

Collection and/or delivery times are given as estimates and we will use all reasonable measures to ensure that your animal can be collected at the given time. In some instances, there will be variations or alterations to these times and Just Pet Travel may be required to make alterations or cancel the services due to traffic, weather conditions, or any other reasons beyond our control. Just Pet Travel accepts no liability for any loss, cost or inconvenience caused to you as a result of any change in the pickup or delivery times.

Will there be boarding costs involved?
In the event that any animal is required to be kennelled or boarded for any reason (including but not limited to travel delays), all boarding costs shall be your responsibility and must be paid on demand.

Where can I find your full terms and conditions?
Located on our website and as part of your booking confirmation. By accepting our quotation, you agree to our full terms and conditions.